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Caleb Jones joined the restoration industry just a year ago and has quickly become an invaluable member of the Spotless team. Caleb brings a fresh perspective and boundless enthusiasm to his role in Sales. Passionate about connecting with people on a personal level, Caleb excels at building genuine relationships with clients, going beyond the services to learn their stories and share in their lives.

Outside of work, Caleb loves spending time with his girlfriend and their dog, taking trips to the dog park, visiting family, and indulging in video games when he finds the time. He is dedicated to personal growth and making those around him share in his zest for life. Caleb's dreams for the future include getting married, owning a home, and eventually having children, though he already enjoys being a caring older brother to his two younger siblings.

Caleb's favorite part about working at Spotless is the opportunity to genuinely connect with clients and make a positive impact on their lives.

Caleb Jones


What our Clients say about 

Caleb Jones

Russ Croley

"Caleb and his crew did an amazing job cleaning the exterior of our home, especially on the aluminum upstairs veranda. Their process restored it to its original condition without high water pressure risk to our house. Windows, siding, side walk, driveway, and the entire exterior are sparkling clean without subjecting our home to high water pressure battering. Thanks guys!"

Debra Lewis

"Our gutters were extremely dirty and too high for us to reach without climbing on the roof. Not doing that anymore! Rick and Gary came with their truck and all the equipment they needed. This is not pressure washing - it is clean washing so no damage to gutters or eaves. The guys even went over the bad spots twice to make sure everything was clean. They were very careful around the plants and washed them off afterward. They swept and cleaned the sidewalks and driveway - and we have a lot of concrete. Caleb Jones did our estimate and was there at start and finish to make sure we were happy. Rick and Gary were thorough and professional. All were great guys."

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