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Floor Care

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Full Service Floor & Upholstery 

Messiness is a part of life and the floors in your home or business need a good cleaning from time to time. Spotless has been professionally cleaning floors for over 20 years. Our friendly cleaning team will have your floors looking like new, regardless of how trafficked they are or whether they are carpet, hardwood or tile and grout. We also clean and get pet odor out of everything from furniture and upholstery to mattresses.

Floor, Carpet, and Tile

A lot of people assume that they can clean their own carpets. While this isn’t a bad idea, especially for small spills, your carpet needs a deeper clean occasionally. Some of the benefits of a professional carpet cleaning from us include:

  • Doubling the lifespan of your carpet

  • Enhancing room aesthetic (refresh carpet color and texture)

  • Improving indoor air quality

Your carpets get worn down, catch dirt and pet dander, and can have dirt and grime. With our expert cleaning process, which has been proven to be 25 percent more effective than other methods of cleaning, you can revitalize your carpet. Spotless can also help you with your rugs and mats. With our green cleaning methods and a gentle microfiber cloth, we are able to bring your rugs back to their former glory. If you have rugs and/or carpet in your home, don’t let them continue to catch and build up dirt and oils. Let us come and clean them.


Our hardwood floor cleaning system is second to none. It utilizes a professional grade cleaning agent in conjunction with powerful, yet gentle scrubbing equipment. The system applies the cleaning agent, scrubs it in with cylindrical hardwood brushes to loosen ground in soil and then squeegees and vacuums it away. You will be blown away when you see the condition of the wastewater we dump at the end of the job.


Regular cleaning not only makes being around your furniture and upholstery more pleasant; it has also been shown to extend their life. No one wants to sit on a sofa that looks dirty, so it’s important to hire a professional sofa cleaner to help remove stains, pet odor, or built up dirt. Additionally, if your furniture is still under warranty, you may void it if you try to handle the cleaning yourself. A professional upholstery cleaner will take any extra steps they need to in order to keep your warranty intact.

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