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Joseph King has been part of the restoration industry for 1-2 years, bringing his dedication and family values to his role at Spotless. Joseph's passion for success and setting a good standard for his children motivates him daily, ensuring that every project is handled with care and commitment.

Outside of work, Joseph enjoys fishing, playing basketball, and spending time with his kids. These hobbies reflect his love for the outdoors and family time. As a father of one biological child and three stepchildren, he values nurturing and providing for his family. Joseph dreams of being successful and making sure his kids never hurt for anything, focusing on building a bright future for them.

His favorite part about working at Spotless is the variety and unpredictability of the job, which keeps him engaged and on his toes. Joseph is also committed to contributing to the growth and success of Spotless, making it a better place for both clients and team members. His blend of dedication, family values, and customer service makes him a valuable asset to the Spotless team.

Joseph King

Asst. Mitigation Specialist

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Joseph King

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