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Jackson LaCroix is a recent addition to the restoration industry, having joined Spotless two months ago. Despite his short tenure, Jackson's enthusiasm for storytelling and relationship-building has made him a valuable asset to the team. His passion for creativity and collaboration drives his work as the Marketing & Social Media Assistant, where he brings fresh ideas and dynamic content to the company.

Outside of work, Jackson loves to immerse himself in nature through hiking and paddleboarding, and he enjoys traveling to new destinations whenever possible. He dedicates much of his time to working as a video producer for a nonprofit organization, aligning with his values and ethics. Additionally, Jackson is active on social media and has a deep passion for video production and photography.

Jackson dreams of utilizing his skills to grow his own business in the future, aiming to provide for his future family without being tied down by constant work. An award-winning filmmaker, he thrives on creative collaboration and the opportunity to learn something new every day at Spotless. With his favorite part about working at Spotless is the chance to collaborate with every department, allowing him to be creative and enjoy a new experience each day.

Jackson LaCroix

Marketing Specialist

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